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Startup China is specialized in providing Paid Internships in China and Chinese Study Abroad Programs to foreigners worldwide. An off-shoot formed by the mergence of prominent language and business professionals, Startup China is an industry-leading company focusing on delivering high-level internships in China. With a strong business network of professional partners in Beijing and Shanghai we place university students, graduates and young professionals at an internship position of their choice in China; the world's fastest growing economic hub.

We host three programs in total; a China Internship Program, an Intensive Mandarin Course and a fantastic opportunity that combines both!  We provide all the necessary services to get you set up in one of the most exciting countries in the world, during a one to three month time period.

Why Do an Internship in China?

About 30 years ago China began its economic reforms which took millions of people from Communism on to one of the world’s most important economies; nowadays China’s role as a leading economic player can hardly be overstated. This is why a practical, hands-on, paid internship with the option of a combined Chinese Mandarin language program in either Beijing or Shanghai will give you a head-start in kicking off your career, setting you apart from the rest.

The current economic development in China and the job opportunities aligned to this are sky-rocketing regardless of the industry. Getting to know Chinese culture in a professional business setting and learning new industry-specific skills right here is an invaluable and incomparable opportunity for young professionals starting out.

Many interns even remain in China after their internship to seek out jobs in China. It goes without saying that an internship experience here in China will give your career the needed edge to land your dream job in this globally competitive climate. China currently holds the number one spot for being the ultimate place to live and work for a whole host of reasons. A diverse melting pot culturally, linguistically, and socially.


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